Quality of pool water without limits

More about ProfiPure UVM technology

We enable consumers to get the water quality of an Olympic pool in their private pool or Jacuzzi.

Bound chlorine



Eye redness


Skin irritation and drying

Chlorine pool smell

How UVM works

ProfiPure UV works by transmitting UV radiation at various wavelengths. This UV light passes through the flowing water and as soon as it encounters any microorganisms or chemicals, it cuts its DNA into small pieces or irreversibly decomposes the matter in a similar way.

First steps
to pure water

Why ProfiPure UVM

Medium Pressure UVM Technology

For some time already medium pressure UV systems have been a standard for water treatment in public pools. According to the German norm, it is even the only UV technology that reduces the content of bound chlorine. In contrast with low pressure UV which is commonly used in private pools... Why the private pool owners did not have the opportunity to use this unique technology? ProfiPure changed it.

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  UVM Technology UVL Technology
Disinfection Excellent Good
Permanent disinfection Excellent OK
Combined chlorine elimination Excellent Very poor (almost none)


Because you deserve perfectly clean pool water, as the only company in the world we developed medium pressure UV directly for the needs of private pools and Jacuzzis. The same water quality in your pool as in the Olympic pool is no longer a dream. We made it a reality. Because we believe that even a small change can make a big difference.

Power supply
Stainless steel 316L
Quartz sleeve
LED indication
LifeUVM® lamp
307 mm
110 mm
123 mm
366 mm

Technical specifications

Private pools and Jacuzzis Connection Max. pool
flow m3/h
Max. pool
capacity m3
Total lamp
power / phase
ProfiPure 100 1 ½” 12 100 250 W / I
ProfiPure 200 2” 23 200 250 W / I

Scheme of installation

Quality of pool water without limits


Water quality of an Olympic pool in your private pool or Jacuzzi

ProfiPure 200

Medium pressure UVM, power supply, 2 years warranty

For pools up to 23 m3/h or 200 m3

from 1 494 €

ProfiPure 100

Medium pressure UVM, power supply, 2 years warranty

For pools up to 12 m3/h or 100 m3

from 1 307 €

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